October Prayer Update

Thanks so much for praying for me while I was in physical therapy at Mbingo Hospital for back pain last month.  The 2 weeks spent there were sort of a spiritual retreat for me.  I also met some new friends, and have gained new compassion toward others in pain.  My neighbor and another friend both suffer back pain.  From my own experience I am able to help educate them about back pain and give advice on what can be done to avoid surgery.  In God’s timing, no experience is wasted.  Pray for many women in Cameroon who suffer back pain from their work in the fields and constantly bending over to do daily housework.  Here are more ways to give thanks and pray with us.

Praises for September

  1. Thankful for Mbingo Baptist Hospital.  My (Janet’s) back took a turn for the worst, and I ended up going several hours (lying down) to this excellent hospital for physical therapy.  After 2 weeks, there is improvement, and Ron & the kids survived. 
  2. Ron has started construction of the duplex (Cov/FC RFIS staff housing) even while waiting for the 4th container, on which the duplex is being built, to arrive.  See pictures and details here.
  3. Praise for Sharon Davis’ Covenant World Relief project – helping village women to raise chickens.  This project is making a very positive impact on lives of individuals and whole communities, through vaccination programs, connecting the broodery to a water source, and other side benefits.  For more information visit the Cameroon Chickens project on Covenant World Relief’s web site.
  4. RFIS Invitational Volleyball Tournament – God was glorified in the good sportsmanship of our players, which would have been the case even if they hadn’t come in 1st place (both guys and girls teams) —  under the supervision of RFIS Sports Director, Jordan Cone (RFIS grad, Ubac alum, 3rd generation missionary and family friend).
  5. All 5 of us Z’s have renewed our residence cards for Cameroon just a day before we all expired! Thankful that went smoothly with the expert assistance of Norbert, our Cameroonian colleague who handles lots of that official stuff.


Prayer Requests for October

  1.  For a good break at the end of the first quarter – Michelle, Nate and Ben came home with great progress reports.  We will travel NW to Mbingo for a week of vacation (Oct. 6-12) – pray for safe travel, good rest and relaxation especially for Ron who works so hard.
  2. Pray that one of the empty shipping containers will be delivered so Ron and the crew can go full speed on the construction of a duplex for Covenant and Free Church RFIS staff housing.
  3.  Pray for Byron Amundsen’s (Covenant Mission’s Director of Administration and Finance) visit to Cameroon from the US.  He’s due to arrive with Danforths from Central African Republic by road Oct. 11, then they’ll drive up to see Sharon D’s ministries in the Bamenda area, and come back to Yaoundé for a couple days of meeting SIL directors, seeing RFIS, UBAC Hostel, and the elementary Parent Run School.  He’s due to leave Yaoundé for USA 20 Oct., so pray all his travel goes smoothly and that he’ll see who he needs to see in that time. 
  4. For a college fair we’re helping to host.  On Oct. 25-26 there will be representatives here in Yaoundé from 4 US colleges/universities to recruit international students.  Pray that many students get assistance as they consider college options, and that many parents will attend on the 26th.  There are over 20 juniors and over 20 seniors at RFIS this year.
  5. Our friend Moses’ daughter Betsy has been diagnosed with a type of sickle cell disease that leaves her limbs in much pain.  Praise God that they finally know why she has been having such pain and anemia.  Pray that she will be healed, get complete relief, and be able to manage this blood disorder through medical treatments

Thank you for praying for our ministry in Cameroon.

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