September 2012 Prayer Update

Praises for August

1. Praise God that school is again under way – this year we have 98 students in grades 7-12 which is up from last year.  In August, the first month of classes, students and staff have been getting used to their roles and schedules.

2. Praise God the students in our UBAC Hostel are settling in nicely to the new building and are very pleased with their bigger rooms, bigger bathrooms, and proximity to school so they can walk there and back each day.  See for most recent pictures.

3. Praise God that one of the containers we’ve purchased has arrived – still waiting for 3 others that have been paid but not yet delivered.

4. Meanwhile, Ron has had the masons working on repair of a section of wall surrounding the school that had fallen in a rain storm shortly before we arrived in Cameroon 2 years ago.  It has been a security concern which is finally able to be repaired.

5. Praise God for his incredible timing in providing a Physical Therapist for me, Janet, at just the right time (see prayer requests below to know why she was needed).

Prayer Requests for September

1. Pray that the 3 remaining empty shipping containers will be delivered so Ron and the crew can begin construction of a duplex for Covenant and Free Church RFIS staff housing.

2. Pray for my, Janet’s, back.  Lower back pain that I’d had a few years ago has returned.  Thankfully it returned just when there was a physical therapist here from Australia.  She and her family are now in the Far North where they’ll be working in a hospital.  But for the couple of weeks they were in Yaounde, she was able to work with me and provide relief as well as exercises to do.  If physical therapy does not do the trick, my only option will be surgery in the US and I’d really rather not have to leave just now.

3. Pray for RFIS staff. Three of the 5 administrators are on furlough for th year in the US.  That puts extra responsibility on school director, Lois.  I am taking on some of the responsibilities in the guidance office.  An experienced teacher who is new to RFIS this year is acting as Assistant Director.  And there are several parent volunteers teaching classes this fall. 

4. Besides my bad back there have been other illness and injury among the staff.  These are times we remind ourselves that God is the Sovereign owner of RFIS, and it is He who sustains.

5. Pray for discipleship groups as they get started this month.  Many of the students have signed up to be in small groups – this is where many come to Christ or grow in their relationship to Jesus.

Thank you for praying for our ministry in Cameroon,

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