Janet’s New “Position” at Rain Forest International School

This year I have volunteered to take on a new position at Rain Forest International School.  Many of the teachers and administrators have left either because their term of service is completed or they need a year to connect with ministry partners in their passport countries.  So I am working part time as the Administrative Assistant.  As such I get to help make sure students will have enough credits for graduation, answer emails requesting transcripts, update student files, and anything many other things.

Unfortunately, just before August 8 which was the first day of school, I started having pain in my right leg.  It’s back problems from a few years ago that have come back.  Thankfully, the Lord provided a physical therapist in town for a couple of weeks just when I needed her.  She worked with me several times before moving with her husband and 2 small children up to the Far North of Cameroon where they’ll be serving in a hospital. 

But this goofy back of mine requires that I not sit… which is difficult when one has a desk job!  So, along with my new position at school, I also have a couple of new positions in my office!

Here’s the first position — on my knees at the school computer in the Guidance Office.

Kneeling at the desk to work on the school computer
And when my knees get sore, I switch to my other position, on the floor on a mattress that Ron so kindly put in my officce.  On this personal computer I do my other part time job as Country Coordinator for the Covenant mission here in Cameroon!  By the way, this is exactly where I am right now as I type this blog post.
My 2nd position on the floor at my personal computer
My office, equipped with a mattress is the envy of the other staff, but it can be discouraging to have to look always up.  Maybe that’s the point.  From this place of pain, I do look up often in prayer for strength, grace, and healing.
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  1. It’s great to see you moving a bit more with not so much pain etched on your face. We continue to pray for God’s healing touch. Appreciate your willingness to serve the students this year!
    K <

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  2. Janet, I’m sure your new positions will help even though it’s a bit inconvenient. Kim has had trouble from sitting so much for work at his computer and sees a therapist too. That has helped.
    I’m praying for healing for you as this pain going on and on can, well … be a real pain! But I hope you enjoy your new job!
    Love you,

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  3. My grandpa Wuerth used to tell us “They say position in life is everything. 🙂 He would have been Ron’s great uncle. You all would have loved him. Glad you are happy in your new job. Stay safe, we love you, and pray for you always.

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