August 2012 Prayer Update

The Olympic Games are on TV as I write today.  This is the first time we’ve had cable television in Africa, so it is very exciting for us to be able to watch the Olympics live on South African channels here in Cameroon.  Watching these athletes excel in their events, for which they’ve spent years in training, is a reminder of the attitude we should have in our walk with the Lord (1 Cor. 9:23-25).  How is your walk?  Are you in strict training so as to win the prize that lasts forever? 
For July praise God with us:
1.  For a bit of a break for us this summer – taking 5 days at the beach with friends.

2.  That Carlsons have moved in to the UBAC Hostel and are getting it ready for students to arrive.  The Stokers moved their furniture etc. into the lower apartment before they left for a year in the US.  .  See details at the Hostel Construction blog.

3.  That Konroy & Heidi Boeckel have safely returned to the US after a trip through Europe and a week at CHIC.

4.  Dr. Lorraine Beaumont, a veterinarian, who is also an ordained Covenant minister, and the team of 3 students she has brought to Cameroon.  They were in the NW of Cameroon with Covenant missionary Sharon Davis working alongside a Christian Cameroonian vet.  The Lord blessed many people through their service. 

5.  For grace and peace in a summer of transition as we saw many colleagues and close friends leave for their home countries.  And praise God for the arrival of new teaching staff who are being oriented to RFIS and to life in Yaounde in these last 2 weeks before the start of classes.

6.  For the arrival of one of 4 containers for which we’ve paid and waited.

For August Pray with us for:

1.  Safe travels for our Rain Forest students coming back to Yaounde, back to school.

2.  Smooth adjustment for the students and staff to this new school year beginning Aug. 8.

3.  For finishing touches on the UBAC Hostel construction.  Cabinets, plumbing and electric glitches need to be worked out.  Many window curtains & rods, shower curtains & rods, towel racks, etc. to be installed.  For more prayer requests specific to the hostel see the hostel blog (

4.  For the arrival of the other 3 containers we’ve purchased.  These containers will serve as the foundation for Ron’s next construction project, new staff housing.

5.  For my (Janet) back pain.  Hoping a few days of lying down will help.

6.  For David (British) and Eric (Swedish) who have been unjustly imprisoned in Bangui, CAR.  Pray for their freedom.  Eric is released to house arrest for health reasons.  David was to be released, but unusual circumstances thwarted that.

Thank you for praying for our ministry in Cameroon,

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