July 2012 Prayer Update

June has been a month of transitions.  With a mix of joy and sadness we have been helping colleagues pack, clean houses, move, or move on to either home assignment or new adventures in service.  We also anticipate new and returning missionaries in July.  Pray for patience, emotional strength, and calm in the storm of transitions.  Here are more items of praise and prayer.

For June praise God with us:

1.  That Rain Forest International School (RFIS) graduation went smoothly, as did all the end of school year activities in our community.  Story and pictures on an earlier post.

2.  That UBAC Hostel is moved to the new location!  The Stokers are moving their furniture etc. into the lower apartment before they leave for a year in the US.  Upstairs In the hostel the painting is done, tile is almost all in, and cabinets are being made for the kitchen and bathrooms.  See details at the Hostel Construction blog. http://www.ubachostelconstruction.blogspot.com/

3.  That Konroy and Heidi Boeckel (Covenant short term missionaries) had good closure to their 2 year term.

4.  For celebrations of Ron & Janet’s anniversary and Ron’s birthday.

5.  The bus load of children from Bangui who were attacked by bandits on their way to Yaounde in May have all safely returned to Bangui, Central African Republic.  Praise God that the 3 with broken bones were operated on in Yaounde’s Central Hospital, before being flown back to Bangui to recover. 

For July Pray with us for:

1.  Covenant missionaries in transition.  Konroy & Heidi Boeckel have completed their 2 year term and are spending part of July in Europe visiting Covenant ministries exploring possibilities for future service, then they’ll go straight to CHIC as counselors for the youth of their home church.  (CHIC is a weeklong camp for Covenant Church youth from all over USA).

2.  Covenant missionaries in transition.  Jeff & Carolyn Stoker are packing up to leave July 8 for a year of partnership development (home assignment) in the US.  They are also moving from the house they’ve lived in here for many years to the apartment on the lower level of the new hostel. 

3.  Dr. Lorraine Beaumont, a veterinarian, who is also an ordained Covenant minister, and the team of 3 students she has brought to Cameroon.  They are currently in the NW of Cameroon with Covenant missionary Sharon Davis working alongside a Christian Cameroonian vet  – they’ve been vaccinating chickens, meeting with women who raise livestock, and seeing all the ministry opportunities available to vets.  They fly back to USA July 6.  Pray for good closure to their visit here and travel mercies.

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