A Month of Major Moves

Summer is transition time in missionary life.  Once children are out of school the moving begins.  They say that 1/3 of the population of RFIS (students and staff) changes from year to year.  This summer among Covenant missions in Cameroon there are a couple of major moves taking place.

Konroy and Heidi at a farewell dinner

First to leave were Heidi and Konroy Boeckel, who have come to the end of their 2 year term here and left June 22 for the US.  Konroy worked at Rain Forest International School and Heidi taught preschool and had ministry activities in orphanages.  Go well, Boeckels.  May the Lord bless your future plans for ministry and life!

Thankfully we did not have to move the Covenant furniture out of their rented apartment just yet.  Another couple has asked to rent it for a few months.

Jeff & Carolyn Stoker await departure at Yaounde airport

 The next Covenant colleagues to leave were Jeff & Carolyn Stoker (July 8), long term missionaries serving in administration and teaching at Rain Forest International School (RFIS).  But before they could go, a lot of moving happened. 

Before: Lots to organize and pack
After: Just a few things to give away or move
Trunks filled and stacked floor to ceiling, stored in the new apartment
Besides moving the Stokers from the house they’ve called home in Yaounde for over 10 years, we also moved the UBAC Hostel from its former home to the newly constructed building adjacent to Rain Forest.
Scott Pyles (dorm dad) and the workers moved several truck loads in one day.
 And the last to leave were Scott & Lee Pyles, UBAC Hostel’s dorm parents in 2011-12.  What a lot of packing and moving this summer.  What a lot of trips to the airport to drop people off or just say good-bye.  It’s been hard emotionally to see so many dear friends and helpful colleagues leave.  But we’re comforted in knowing that for those of us in Christ, good-bye is never final. 
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