What’s in a Brand Name?

I was shopping awhile back, and a box of tissues caught my eye.  It wasn’t the usual bland solid color box, it had a floral decoration.  Reminded me of boxes from home.  Then I saw the brand name – one I have not seen in stores in Africa.  On closer examination, I saw it wasn’t what it first seemed.

It looks like a brand from home... look again.
New calculators were purchased for school.  They looked like a reliable brand… but on closer look, Ron noticed it was a “Casho” brand.
At Christmas time we were shopping for games at the local store.  We found a Monopoly game .. it looked llike a Parker Bros. game, but again, on closer look we saw that it was a “Packer Bros.’ game!
Then last week, one had me laughing in the store aisle.  In the toys section of a store, I saw a package of plastic foods with the unmistakeable red Pizza Hut roof.  But the name on the package is “Pizza Roof”!
When I looked it up on line to find the picture above (not my photo), I found that there really is a “Pizza Roof” restaurant in the Phillipines.  Maybe it’s not considered appropriate to name a restaurant a “hut” in some cultures.  Let me know if you see a “Pizza Roof” restaurant in your neighborhood.
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