March 2012 Prayer Update

For February praise God with us that:

1. The deteriorating bridge on the road to RFIS has been repaired!  Many in the community volunteered their assistance, no one was hurt or injured, and there was an excellent spirit of unity.  For details see the story on the Covenant News Wire  or our article in this blog.

2.  New missionary orientation that I, Janet was assisting with ended Feb. 10 with a worship service and small ceremony.  It is great to see the participants learning their new roles and being used by God here in Cameroon. 

3. Spiritual Retreat for the middle school and high school was Feb. 6-9; as well as Spiritual Emphasis Week for the elementary grades.  The Spirit of God was present – many good reports from students and staff alike. 

4.  For Special Emphasis Week at Rain Forest International School (RFIS) the focus was on “transitions”.  These students go through transitions every year as about 1/3 of the population of the school changes annually.  And much bigger changes are in store for those returning to their passport countries.

5.  That much progress is being made on the construction of the new UBAC Hostel.  See details at the UBAC Hostel Construction blog.

6.  Michelle and her fellow RFIS high school friends successfully climbed Mt. Cameroon, the highest point in W. Africa.  It was not only a test of strength and stamina but was also a great Spiritual experience, and an experience in unity for the whole group.  But she came home with an earache, please pray for the infection to clear up.

For March Pray with us for:

1.  TEACHERS!!!!!   We are short at least 15 teachers for Middle School and High School.  Many current teachers are either coming up to a furlough year or will complete their short term assignments.  Pray for new teachers to come.  Here is where to find out more about the staff needs for next year.

2.  March 23 – April 10 is Spring Break at RFIS and the elementary school.  Pray for safe travels for those returning to the villages of their parents’ service, or those travelling to vacation places.  Pray for refreshment and renewal for students and staff.

3.  For continued progress on the UBAC Hostel construction.

4.  For Sharon Davis who will be hosting guests, teams (mostly through Torchbearers) every month through June.

5.  For Edna, my housekeeper.  She is having a difficult pregnancy (due in April) and went to the hospital March 1.  Not sure of the details, but please lift her and the baby she carries to the Lord in prayer.  She is a believer.

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  1. Our mission leadership team and church home groups continue to keep your family in our prayers. The need for teachers has also been made known to the congregation. Several young new college grads who have a heart for missions have been encouraged to consider RFIS. Also, we keep Edna in our prayers along with others in our own congregation having difficult pregnancies.

    We recently had a mission team return from Uganda where they were sent on a mission of encouragement and prayer for members sent out from our congregation. At some point in he future, if the Lord permits, we may send a team to visit RFIS to bring encouragement and prayers to you from our congregation.

    Continue the good work, Bob

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