October Prayer Update

Here in Grand Rapids this month ArtPrize has captured everyone’s attention.  Called “the world’s largest art prize,” the promise of nearly ½ million dollars in prize money has attracted over 1,000 very creative people with their sculptures, murals, paintings, and a few performances.  We’ve enjoyed seeing, analyzing, admiring and voting on our favorites. 

This month as I’ve begun to study Genesis in Community Bible Study I’m reminded of the amazing creative work of our God.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a breathtaking sunrise and a complete colorful rainbow, both of which would easily win any art prize.  We serve a Great God who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine and the “prize” he’s after is not money but our praise.


Praises from September;

  1. Praise God for the beauty of creation. 
  2. Our Fall schedules are in gear – kids back to school, Janet is small group leader in Community Bible Study again, studying Genesis this year.
  3. We were able to meet with the Detroit area pastors of Covenant Churches at one of their monthly gatherings.  It was encouraging to hear good things God is doing in and through those churches – most of which are new in the past 10 years.
  4. We hosted dear friends who are Free Church (ReachGlobal) missionaries to Central Arica who were in the area visiting one of their supporting churches.  We’ve been close friends for years, and the fun and fellowship was very encouraging.


Requests for October:

  1. Pray for good connection with Fellowship Covenant in the Grand Rapids area – we’ll be speaking there Oct. 11.
  2. Pray for preparations for the Global Outreach Sunday Nov. 15 at our church (Janet is chair of the Mission Commission responsible for this major event at 1st Covenant GR.)
  3. Pray for contact with possible new ministry partners.
  4. Pray for the staff at RFIS and other missionaries who, in addition to their regular jobs, are tending to maintenance and technical needs at the school until we are able to go to Cameroon so Ron can take on the job. 
  5. Pray for students at Rain Forest International School who have completed their first term.  This month they have a break and many will be travelling from Yaounde to “home” in their parents’ places of service (in Cameroon, Chad, Congo and other countries in Africa).


Thank you so much for faithful prayers on our behalf. 

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