September Prayer Update

Now that I have all 3 zieglettes registered for school, I finally found time to review our blessings from July and August.  So here’s what we praise God for:


1.  A time of rest and play this summer with the kids: Over the summer Ben played on a baseball team, Michelle started piano lessons and started playing guitar, Nathan started reading the Narnia series.  Ben and Nathan attended a week of Trailblazer camp at Portage Lake in July.


2.  God provided places for all 3 kids to stay while Ron & I attended Missionary Connection Week in Chicago.  We’re thankful for a great and full week of training and connecting with Covenant leaders, World Mission, missionary friends, and with God.


3.  We’re also thankful to have Covenant missionary colleagues Paul & Sheryl Noren living so near to us this fall.  They are a huge encouragement to us. 


4.  On Aug. 22, after nearly 8 months of living apart M-F each week, Ron moved back home for good.  He has resigned from his job at the Covenant Retirement community in Carol Stream, IL. in order to focus on developing our team of ministry partners  Insurance is provided through Covenant World Mission, and when 50% of our support is pledged, we will be able to go on salary.


5.  I’m (Janet) thankful for good health, as per my annual physical and my first dreaded colonoscopy is scheduled (now that I’ve reached that milestone 1/2 century !)


And pray with us in September:


1.  that God will provide.  We look to Him for our daily needs and to call churches and individuals to partner with us through prayer and financial support..  Pray that we’ll be able to clearly present the work God is calling us to at Rain Forest Int’l School in Cameroon, and that people will respond as led by God and not by guilt!


2.  Pray for adjustment to our fall schedules: Ben in grade 4, Nathan in grade 6 and Michelle in the high school as a 9th grader.  And pray for me taking on the role once again as core leader (sm. group) for Community Bible Study, as well as chair of missions at church, and taking on some part time work again in Sept.  Busy schedule, need for balance.


3.  This is the middle of Ramadan, a month of fasting and prayer for Muslims.  I’ve been praying for muslim people around the world, guided by a booklet from World  Ramadan ends Sept. 20.


Thank you for supporting us in prayer.

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