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Remembering Who Our Friends Are (Unsung Song Themes)

Here’s a harder one. But it’s a question that’s been haunting me:

What are some of the important, but relatively distinctive, theological ideas that form the core of who we are as a Covenant church? And how, if at all,

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Telling Each Other’s Story (But NO Anonymous Song Requests)

Allow me to share an idea that’s been helpful in our church. It has done much to lessen the “worship wars” that sometimes happen because of stylistic preferences.  See what you think.
We ask people to recommend songs that “God

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New Worship Bloggers

Post a Comment » Written on June 4th, 2009     
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Worship Connect is pleased to announce the addition of two voices on our blog. We asked Andrew Thompson and Josef Rasheed to contribute regularly, because we admire their work in the church and their passion to serve and connect with …

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We Are What We Eat (But We Become What We Sing)

Last Sunday one of the members of our worship team, a 15 year old girl, lead the worship band and the congregation in singing the song “Whatever You’re Doing” written by the band Sanctus Real. Lead by her,

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Silly Things We Sing to God in Worship Songs

4 comments Written on May 26th, 2009     
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Do you ever wonder if God chuckles at some of the silly things we say to him in our worship songs? From his perspective, I wonder if he thinks we say some weird stuff.

For example: Things we don’t really

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Better Blog Days

Post a Comment » Written on October 1st, 2008     
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Hey all.

I’m taking a trip to Germany October 3-18. While I’m away, our friends Jelani Greenidge and Don Johnson will be blogging here.

Jelani and Don are certifiable savants. And I trust this blog will become popular in …

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