Rangeela at Calvin

Rangeela (Hindi for “colorful”) has brought various parts of the world onto the doorsteps of Grand Rapids, Michigan since 1996.

Rangeela 2019 was Calvin College’s annual international cultural showcase, two evenings filled with heartfelt storytelling, exhilarating dances, melodious music, vibrant

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Feed the Birds

Maybe I was influenced by Mary Poppins

Have you seen the new Mary Poppins movie? No feeding of birds there, but I really liked it. Anyhow, maybe I’ve been influenced by parents, or maybe it’s just for our own backyard

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A Watched Pot

You’ve heard the expression, “A watched pot never boils”?

We’ve discovered the winter version of that — watched snow never falls.

This is our back deck right now. We finally have a permanently fixed measuring stick to measure snowfall, so

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