Travel Mercies in the Wild Winter

This month (February) we visited churches who partner with us every Sunday. Most of them were in MI — ya know, close to home so there’s not a long way to travel in case of bad weather. Well, it was bad weather… every Sunday evening.

The road to Traverse City, MI

The craziest ride was coming home from Chicago in freezing rain when we had to stop twice to shake the ice chunks off the windshield wipers! It is disconcerting to see flashing lights in the distance, and cars spun out on the side of the expressway. Here’s how the car looked when we got home. It took 2 days to get the ice off the fronts of the side mirrors and front of the car.

Iced car safely home in the garage

When we ask prayer for safe travel, we don’t take for granted that God does keep us safe in our comings and goings. Thanks to you who pray us safely through all the miles.

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