Who is… no, What is Inga?

Thanks to our agricultural missionary friends there are tons of tropical fruit trees on the Rain Forest Campus. One of the favorites is the Inga.

If you were to google “inga” you’d probably get images of beautiful Scandianavian women. That’s not it.

Try “inga fruit” or “inga tree” and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m talking about. Or, just keep reading. These fruit trees were brought from Asia to Central Africa by our missionary friends who, over the past few decades, have introduced many new fruits and beans into the diets of Africans.

There are so many of them planted on the school campus – they provide shade, food, and a place to play  Kids love climbing in them to get the fruit.

Inga pod off the tree

Which looks like a long snake like pod.  When you twist it open there are lots of these juicy cotton ball things surrounding a seed. There ae so many of them on one pod that I can’t finish without sharing.

Fruit lined up inside the pod
Cotton ball fruit
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