Oh The Things Our Kids Learn at RFIS

Academics.  Oh yeah.  Rain Forest is a tough school, combining American & British curriculum (or is it curricula?) for the students preparing for university in Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.   The 9th and 10th graders prepare for and take IGCSEs (really hard tests in the British system).  Then in 11th grade they take SATs and ACTs (hard tests in the American system).

2013-05-17 study
Ben’s 7th grade class embarking on the path of lifelong learning at RFIS

But it’s not all hard work and exams at RFIS.  There’s also PE.  Athletic Director and alumnus of RFIS Jordan Cone has made physical fitness way-fun this year with soccer, baseball, frisbee games (new to most Cameroonian students), and most recently — dance.

PIC_0107 Dance Michelle 1
Michelle’s group performing their final exam for PE Dance Unit

And then there’s music class.  Or at least I think it’s music class.  With our offices next door to the auditorium we hear the choir sing.  But lately the Middle School music class has been making more claps and stomps and thuds than usual. I went to investigate and found they’re doing a new unit:  STOMP!  How fun is that!

Miss Edwards teaches how to use “boomwackers”
Bouncing basketballs and drumming drum sticks on the floor
The Middle School Music class split into groups using basketballs, drumsticks and boomwackers for STOMP!
Andre demonstrates the proper use of boomwackers

RFIS is a great place for students.
RFIS is a great place to teach!  We always need teachers here.  If you are or know a new or retiring teacher looking for a place to have a meaningful impact on students from many cultures, who are likely the future leaders and missionaries, check out the staff needs for the coming year.


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