What Keeps Ron Busy: Roofing the Industrial Arts Area

And now another story on what keeps Ron busily happy in his ministry at Rain  Forest International School (RFIS) as Director of Technical Services (DTS).  Eighth story:  Roofing the Industrial Arts area, aka “the garage”.

Plans for the roof over the Industrial Arts – as seen on Ron’s desk

RFIS isn’t really completed yet.  Part of what’s called Phase One of the development of the new RFIS campus is to complete the Industrial Arts area where Ron teaches Small Engines and Construction classes.  It’s also the central base for school maintenance.

But it’s not so simple as to slap a roof over it.  The “walls” of this “garage” are made of storage containers which are on the ground.

View of the Industrial Arts area from above

The floors of the containers being made of wood risk rotting or being eaten by termites unless the containers are raised up off the ground.  So the first step is to unearth the containers to raise them off the ground and put concrete footings under them.

Middle of February the first container is being exposed so it can be raised up off the ground


Middle of March the side is clear
…and the back of the first container is nearly cleared

Today the container is raised up high enough to get a concrete slab or footing poured under it.

So as not to waste anything, the grass that was dug up from around the containers was transplanted in the yard at UBAC Hostel where there hadn’t been grass.

Hostel dog enjoys newly transplanted grass
Lovely grass in front of the hostel
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