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Have you CHIC us out yet?

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So, the 15th is around the corner! Have you signed up for the CHIC 2015 newsletter to get in on all the CHIC 2015 happenings every 15th of the month?
If not, sign up by clicking this link,

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We want to hear from you!

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We are so excited that the CHIC Council will be meeting in early May for the first time to begin their visioning process for CHIC 2015!

In preparation for their meeting, we’re wondering if you would share your thoughts, …

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CHIC 2015 newsletter

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Hey all!
The 15th is around the corner and you can get in on the CHIC 2015 newsletter by signing up for it…  Use this link, text this number, or get your QR code reader out!



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CHIC Council Area Descriptions

So, now that we have announced the amazing folks on the CHIC 2015 council. Lets learn a bit more about their roles:

CHIC Chair – Ben Pease

The CHIC Chair partners with the Director of Youth Ministry to partner with …

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Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (2)

Dominique Gillard: Student Experiences

My name is Dominique DuBois Gilliard. I am a pastor at Convergence Covenant Church in Oakland California. I have a deep passion for discipleship and reconciliation. I also really enjoy working on Christian Community Development initiatives …

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Ministry Job Fair, Adolescent Health Issues and CYMS Lecture Series

Adolescent Health Issues  
A Dialogue with Health Professionals and Youth Pastors 
Featuring Dr. Duke Han and Dr. Daniel White Hodge
The journey through adolescence toward adulthood includes both opportunities and challenges for health. The developing adolescent brain is faced with

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Introducing CHIC 2015 Council (1)

Sally Carlson: Enrichment Services

Hi, I’m Sally Carlson and I serve as co-pastor with my husband, Dan Larson, at Norquay Covenant Church in Norquay, Saskatchewan, Canada. I love traveling, playing volleyball, laughing (seriously!), and most of all – being with …

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Summer Gig

Would you like to spend the summer making a difference?

Merge is going to have a big summer in 2013! They will need a full summer staff to be able to support all of the teams going. Merge will need …

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Welcome Ben

We would like to extend a warm welcome to one of the newest chair members

of the CHIC 2015 council, Ben Pease!

Ben is originally from Massachusetts, and served as a youth pastor there for 6 years before serving at …

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Pick up Your Mat and Walk

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Wednesday night of CHIC Judy Peterson addressed John 5’s question, “Do you want to be made well?” with those gathered. You have a “choice to be made well or not – no one can make the decision for someone else.” …

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