CHIC Council Area Descriptions

So, now that we have announced the amazing folks on the CHIC 2015 council. Lets learn a bit more about their roles:

CHIC Chair – Ben Pease

The CHIC Chair partners with the Director of Youth Ministry to partner with YW to dream, vision, create and implement CHIC. The CHIC chair connects with the Council between the Council Meetings for encouragement and as a resource. The CHIC Chair runs the 4 meetings for the Council. They partner with the Director to create an agenda for the meetings. On site the Chair runs council meetings, cares for 1/3 of the team- checking in daily to add support and encouragement and run defense for issues that arise. The Chair partners with Human Resources and Director to determine if students need to be sent home. On site the chairs gifts are used (MC, listening and walking people through issues, etc as needs arise.) The CHIC Chair is a partner in ministry with the ChF team, Events office and the CHIC Council.

Enrichment Services – Sally Carlson

Enrichment Services has the wonderful opportunity to provide CHIC 2012, youth and youth workers, with the space to connect relationally.  We do this by providing opportunity in adventure, fun, challenge, and space to simply just be together.  Our goal is simple: No matter your cultural background, talent, gifting, creative passion, or social network, that each youth and youth worker have not only a rewarding time at CHIC 2012, but moments that will be significant and memorable in the context of the story of God in their lives.  Glimpses of this at CHIC 2012 include: off-site excursions, on-site recreation, creative opportunities, competitive fun, story and talent sharing, and the simple fun of a party! This team plans the Welcome party- partnering with NPU, plans afternoon options on campus for those who are sports minded and those who possess a gift for the arts. The Enrichment team also plans evening options for students prior to the worship time.

Leader Experiences – Ben Kerns

Leader Experiences exists to support the men and women who make CHIC happen through their service as counselors, pastors, and volunteer youth leaders, and to partner with parents and churches in the entire CHIC experience.  Our focus is as follows: unifying leaders through their CHIC experiences and drawing them into their larger story as part of God’s family, honoring leaders from registration through debrief by communicating with them as partners, investing in their whole person, and providing opportunities for them to connect with one another and celebrate the movement of God, equipping leaders, in their specified capacities, to bring about the realization of the CHIC vision and values, joining with parents in the life-transforming experience of CHIC, and working with churches to see an integration of the momentum and significance of CHIC into their body-life experience. Leader’s experiences provide a system for care for students and leaders by utilizing the Youth Ministry Network Facilitators and the Youth Ministry Network Leaders. Each Conference will be housed in a dorm. The team will be responsible for morning counselor meetings, closing down dorms each night and time of encouragement for their conference.  This team works with YMNF to train and work with RS at CHIC, provide adult training materials for counselors and staff.  This team is responsible for communicating to all staff at CHIC before, during and after. The team developed an app for this purpose in 2012.

Small groups and take home resources:

A critical part of CHIC is the processing time that is built into the CHIC schedule as well as the resources we equip students with as they leave CHIC. Individuals interested in serving in this area will brainstorm the most effective way to structure small group time as well as working with UT to determine locations/restrictions.  They will also participate in brainstorming and executing all the student follow up materials for the individual students.  This team is responsible for the Morning sessions, Base Camps and Focus groups, small groups, pre CHIC Devotionals and post CHIC devotions.

Student Experiences – Dominique Gillard

Every day at CHIC students go through a 3 hour gathering that includes a learning experience and a seminar. Every day centers on a specific theme that will be developed by this         I-team. Each member of this team will participate in creating the daily themes, brainstorming learning experiences and related seminar topics. In the final year before CHIC each member will champion a specific theme, coordinating and orchestrating either a learning experience or the seminars.

Member of this I-team should possess the following characteristics:

  • Enjoying brainstorming and creative thinking to develop themes and learning experiences.
  • Be able to translate dreams into tasks that can be managed by other team members
  • Problem solving
  • Implement the plans for the morning experiences

The Long Road to Justice – Vicki Tsui

The Long Road to Justice is a team committed to infusing and undergirding every aspect of CHIC with biblical principles that bring about God’s justice here on earth. Our I-Team will illustrate the inherent connection between living justly and evangelizing the Good News of the Gospel. Through intense scriptural exploration we will illustrate how the Word clearly exemplifies that it is impossible to separate works of righteousness from our faith. Our team is responsible for illustrating how scripture calls us to live in a manner that embodies God’s love, care, and concern for every element of creation both domestically and internationally. We hope to open the eyes of youth attending CHIC to the need for justice and to catalyze them into becoming actively involved in issues pertaining to compassion, mercy, and justice. This team planned a Base Camp experience, afternoon options, afternoon service opportunities (2012 with KARM and Beardsley Farm)

Mainstage – Angie Wysocki

This team works with UT to set up the staging, lights and sound equipment for Mainstage worship. This team recruits and contracts with speakers and bands for evening worship. They partner with other teams that need talent like Enrichment team- welcome party and block party- early evening options. The Mainstage team story boards each worship set, designs the set, contract for lights and sound, set design. The team is responsible for Production, Music Worship, speakers, side stage, video, web design, publicity video and CHIC store. This team includes original material, CHIC songs, Videos produced for Mainstage, on site videos for the screens. The team also recommends the THEME for CHIC or partners with the CHIC Council to create a seamless theme and focus.


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