CHIC 2015: Get to know the Leader Experience team

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For the next few months, we will be highlighting the different teams working hard to create an exciting and life changing CHIC 2015. In February, we learned about the LR2J team. This month, take some time & get to know …

My Big CHIC Idea

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We want to give voice to your dreams for CHIC 2015!imageslight

We would love to hear your BIG ideas for CHIC. We are looking for things that you have dreamed of but haven’t had the time or resources to make

CHIC 2015 Volunteers

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We couldn’t accomplish everything we do at CHIC without the help of our volunteers. We are incredibly grateful for the amazing work that our volunteers have done at every CHIC event. Thanks to them, our youth experience an enriched and …

New CHIC Website

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The NEW CHIC 2015 website is now online. CHIC it out…



The art of story telling

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It was Wednesday afternoon during CHIC 2012 and I just got the call that every youth worker doesn’t want to hear while at CHIC. A mother of two of my students was calling to tell me that her husband was …

CHIC 2015 Liaisons

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Each conference has a CHIC Liaison to coordinate the travel plans, marketing, and counselor staff approval. We want you to meet the wonderful CHIC Liaisons that will play an essential role in the specifics of CHIC 2015.

Alaska Phil Cannon

Have you CHIC us out yet?

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So, the 15th is around the corner! Have you signed up for the CHIC 2015 newsletter to get in on all the CHIC 2015 happenings every 15th of the month?
If not, sign up by clicking this link,

We want to hear from you!

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We are so excited that the CHIC Council will be meeting in early May for the first time to begin their visioning process for CHIC 2015!

In preparation for their meeting, we’re wondering if you would share your thoughts,

CHIC 2015 newsletter

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Hey all!
The 15th is around the corner and you can get in on the CHIC 2015 newsletter by signing up for it…  Use this link, text this number, or get your QR code reader out!



Specialized Ministry Areas

Read a little more about what’s going on with the other people who will be helping pull together CHIC 2015!

Let’s give them a round of applause!


Specialized Ministry Areas: All positions report to the Director of Youth