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Specialized Ministry Areas

Read a little more about what’s going on with the other people who will be helping pull together CHIC 2015!

Let’s give them a round of applause!


Specialized Ministry Areas: All positions report to the Director of Youth Ministry

Spiritual Services:

The Spiritual Services team is responsible for the Prayer team at CHIC prior to, during and following the event. The team develops an E- newsletter to keep people informed on prayer needs during the ministry. The team communicates with the CHIC council, CHIC office and events office to learn about requests and needs of the team. The desire is to get as many people on site and off site praying for the work of the spirit. The team will communicate with Covenant churches, conference and retirement communities to recruit off site prayers. The team is responsible for prayer experiences on site from prayer room, to Labyrinth, and prayer experiences that help people connect with God, reflection rooms etc.

Early Adult/Staff Coordinator:  Aune Carlson

Early Adult/ Staff Coordinator exist to support the men and women who make CHIC happen through their gift of service during the event. CHIC would not exist if we did not have the hundreds of people who serve to implement CHIC. People serve in all areas of CHIC from set up, welcoming people, helping areas be staffed in Enrichment opportunities, Early Evening Options, Mainstage, security, health services to name just a few. This team gathers daily for check in a daily assignments.The goal is to have the Staff Volunteers and the Early Adults to have a meaningful connection with God and others before, during and following CHIC

Ethnic Engagement Connector: Kevin Farmer

The Ethnic Engagement Connector partners with our ethnic churches. Our goals as a team are be engaged in a continual conversation on how CHIC can better reflect the kingdom and serve our churches. The Ethnic Engagement Connector partners with the Council Council in IDI and debriefing of this inventory. The Ethnic Engagement Connector challenges us to take next steps for growth and development. the Ethnic Engagement Connector will partner with the Ethnic Associations to come to a cohesive plan for scholarships.

CHIC liaison Coordinator: Brian Zahasky

Each conference has a CHIC Liaison to coordinate the travel plans, marketing, and counselor staff approval. The CHIC Liaison Coordinator meets with the CHIC Liaisons to train them on the specifics of CHIC. The CHIC Liaison Coordinator is a resource to the CHIC Liaisons helping answer questions that arise from the Conferences or local churches. The CHIC Liasison Coordinator works closely with the LEADER EXPERIENCE team and COVENANT EVENTS OFFICE .

CHIC Bookstore:  TBD

The CHIC Bookstore team contract with CHIC to provide memory items for students and leaders to purchase. (logo apparel, etc) The team will set up and run the CHIC main store and 2-3 satellite sites. CHIC staff will be supplied to the team to help sell and possible set up for the store. The team will work with CHIC designer to create logo materials, order all materials, set up, sell and clean up the store. The goal of the store is to raise funds for the CHIC budget.

CHIC Excursions: Mary Kate Fretheim, Josh Danielson

The CHIC Excursion team plans the pre-chic adventures and excursions options with the goal of allowing youth workers to have a common fun and challenging experience for their students. The excursions happen daily following Base Camp time until dinner. The Excursions run Sunday – Thursday with the possibility of a debrief trip planned for Friday. The team works with companies to raising money for the CHIC budget. The team works with the events office to work on contracts and permission slips for each excursion with the goal of rolling all of the language into the registration material.

Human Resources: Bruce Baehr

The Human Resource team provides, counseling services, security and health services for CHIC students and staff. The team works to supplement the services offered by UT. The team works with the CHIC Council Executive team to determine next steps for students in disciplinary situations.

Why women value Triennial

Watch this video to learn why women value Triennial!

Special appearances by our very own Marti Burger and Aune Carlson!

August 15-18, 2013

San Diego, California

 When women gather, incredible things happen— especially when the gathering involves the diverse and dynamic women of the Covenant! Triennial is a four day conference that offers fellowship, worship, active learning, and fun for all women (ages 18+). Get ready to be equipped, motivated, and encouraged!

For more information on Triennial, check out

Prayer to share

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This weekend I had the privilege of visiting Covenant Pines Bible Camp in McGregor, MN with a colleague-friend of mine. We came together to share our hopes and dreams for ministry, ideas of ways we might partner, and take time to care for the other.

We discussed changes in our lives, the lives of friends and others; some of which served as great encouragement while others exasperated us. As we spent time in prayer Continue Reading »

Read: The New Jim Crow

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This winter I read “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness” by Michelle Alexander. I’d heard about the book months earlier and had been intrigued by the title. Many others have read the book and I would be interested in a conversation regarding its contents with any of you who accept my invitation to read it.

Not sure you’re ready to commit yet? Perhaps start by reading the article recently published on the Covenant Newswire.

I recommend you subscribe to receive the latest Covenant news and announcements directly in your email inbox.

You’re Invited to Hang Out With Us!

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Here is a brilliant idea from our own Matt Aalseth, a youth worker in Cali:

Here’s what I do…I sit down with the students in the ministry and ask them who they think would make great youth workers from within the church. You could ask parents too if you wanted, but kids work best.

Then we take the brightest colored poster boards we can find and we create the world’s largest you’re invited card, that says,

“You’re invited to hang out with us…We think you just might grow to love us and we think we’d love you. Please join us for a free dinner on [Wednesday] night to hear why we think you should join our volunteer staff.”

We do this each fall as the new school year starts and most of the people we ask actually attend the dinner. We walk the adults through our ministry philosophy and where they might fit and we have students share why they should join us. It’s really hard for an adult to say no to a 13 year old whose saying, “We need your help!”

This is how I’ve recruited adults for the last two years and I haven’t had to ask a single person by myself. If the students don’t come up with someone I want them to invite, I just hint in that direction until their name shows up on the list too. Hope that helps…

Guess what, he wrote this in the ECC Youth Workers Facebook group…click over to this page and ask to join up! We’d love to have you.


Aune M. Carlson

Ash Wednesday

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For Christians the season of Lent is one of fasting, prayer and penance. It recalls the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert prior to the beginning of his public ministry – the time when he was tempted, felt the pangs of hunger and thirst. Lent is also a review of the events of the Passion, observers walk with Jesus from Judas’ agreeing to betray Jesus, to the upper room with the twelve, to the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ arrest, trial, Peter’s denial of him, the bellowing voices of the accusers “crucify him!”, his flogging, mocking remarks, crucifixion, death and burial.

Today is Ash Wednesday and as I was preparing to enter this Lenten season I began reflecting on ‘Last Lent’.  As part of the Christian Ethics course I was enrolled in Spring of 2010 we were required to complete a ‘Lenten Discipline’. I’m a nerd, so I still have the syllabus. The assignment was to: Continue Reading »

With Resolve

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Aune Carlson – Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Chicago, IL

As the New Year was approaching I began contemplating resolutions – would I be making any for 2011?

While preparing the blog before heading out of the office last week I was struck with a thought. If you’ve been reading each thing we’ve posted, you probably saw a reflection by Eric Landin (posted 1/1/11) entitled “What’s Your Story?” in which he points out a frustration I have heard among youth workers before – our students have a dismal, or lack of familiarity with the stories of the Bible and do not see how the Bible relates to life, here and now. Continue Reading »

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

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Aune Carlson – Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator – Illinois

Hello to my old, new, and not-quite-yet youth worker friends!

There have been a lot of changes in the past few months and honestly, this is probably the best time to be the “new kid”. No one knows where all the supplies are, which stairwell is more efficient to take to get to the SW corner of the 3rd floor, or where to go to eat lunch! I’m loving this.
Continue Reading »

These things considered…

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by: Aune M. Carlson

As I have ruminated on the other reflections we have posted this month, I have had a couple thoughts stick with me. Specifically, the notions of perspective and posture. Continue Reading »