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Here is a brilliant idea from our own Matt Aalseth, a youth worker in Cali:

Here’s what I do…I sit down with the students in the ministry and ask them who they think would make great youth workers from within the church. You could ask parents too if you wanted, but kids work best.

Then we take the brightest colored poster boards we can find and we create the world’s largest you’re invited card, that says,

“You’re invited to hang out with us…We think you just might grow to love us and we think we’d love you. Please join us for a free dinner on [Wednesday] night to hear why we think you should join our volunteer staff.”

We do this each fall as the new school year starts and most of the people we ask actually attend the dinner. We walk the adults through our ministry philosophy and where they might fit and we have students share why they should join us. It’s really hard for an adult to say no to a 13 year old whose saying, “We need your help!”

This is how I’ve recruited adults for the last two years and I haven’t had to ask a single person by myself. If the students don’t come up with someone I want them to invite, I just hint in that direction until their name shows up on the list too. Hope that helps…

Guess what, he wrote this in the ECC Youth Workers Facebook group…click over to this page and ask to join up! We’d love to have you.


Aune M. Carlson

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