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by: Aune M. Carlson

As I have ruminated on the other reflections we have posted this month, I have had a couple thoughts stick with me. Specifically, the notions of perspective and posture.

First, it is crucial that we recognize the reality that each of us holds particular perspectives. Now, I’m no expert in the area of psychology, but I do understand that perspectives are shaped by and large as a result of our life experiences, as well as the level of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development we have reached.

Have you ever seen a movie and then gone to view the 3-D version of the same film? There is no disputing the fact that the additional dimensions express a more grand and impressive account though it is exactly the same story! This example falls short on numerous levels (if you’re bothered – consider full vs. wide screen viewing), however, I think you get my point.

Are we, as ministers to youth and their families, focused on the full spectrum between the short-term and the long-term as we strive ahead toward the realization of the “Great Commission” (Mt. 28:18-20) of Christ.

Second, it is our posture toward life and all it entails which, I would argue, is also influenced by previous experiences which have encouraged (or discouraged) certain ways of acting, speaking, and thinking. Are times of anticipation anxiety-ridden? Are we so long-term focused that we short change ourselves by not lingering a while and savoring what is good , right now, in anticipation of what might be next? Are we so caught up in the details of our too-many-to-count to-do lists that we fail to see opportunities to celebrate, the most trivial to the most worthy of victories?

I’d like to challenge you, and myself, to take into consideration how perspective and posture have effected our lives, goals and decisions and how we might expand our vision, open our hands and our futures to receive what God has for us – knowing that grace and mercy abound.

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