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It was Wednesday afternoon during CHIC 2012 and I just got the call that every youth worker doesn’t want to hear while at CHIC. A mother of two of my students was calling to tell me that her husband was injured while serving the US government in Afghanistan. The injury was significant and there wasn’t a lot of information. I was left praying and wondering how God was going use this storyline for his glory.

In the process of the next 24 hours I watched as God not only worked in the life of the injured father but the lives of his two daughters. Both in their own ways met with the risen Lord through the worship, speakers, and community of CHIC in incredible ways and are different because of it to this very day! That’s the power of God working through CHIC. Its not always clean, straight, or in ways we as youth leaders would have dreamed up but that is the way of the Lord.

I am serving as the Liaison Coordinator for CHIC 2015. It is my privilege to work with thirteen leaders from across the country whose job is to tell the story of God working through CHIC over and over again to anyone who listens and to equip youth workers in every conference to get ready for CHIC 2015. This is not an easy task and we ask that you pray for us as we begin the work of telling this great story and inviting students to join in His story for their lives and for His kingdom!

by Brian Zahasky
CHIC 2015 Liaison Coordinator

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