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Adventures In Leadership

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By Chris Wiens

When high school students say, “I never knew I had it in me to lead,” or “I can’t wait to get home and change things,” or “I really experienced God this week,” you know something good is happening!
Adventures in Leadership (AIL) came to Canada for the first time this year. It is a program designed to help students not only learn how to be a leader, but to experience it first hand. Our Canadian Conference saw the need to be more intentional about developing leaders of our youth, so in August ten students from around the country, along with three youth Pastors and a camp director, spent a week in the Alberta Rockies to do the first ever Canadian AIL.

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Four Tensions a Leader Must Face

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by Jason Frizzell

Being a leader isn’t an easy task. The greatest leaders in history are those who have learned to work around, embrace and resolve tension. While many people enjoy the responsibility of making decisions, choosing a direction or having people work for you, there is significant weight associated with being a leader because tension is inevitable.

A leader is someone who is open to criticism that is fueled by the mismanagement of the different tensions they endure.

Here are four tensions that every leader faces:

1. Physical Tension – respect and honor for other leaders
There is a natural default human tendency to define our self-worth based on who we are in comparison to others. Leadership is no different. We might look at a leader from another environment and evaluate ourselves to be better than or worse than what we see based on a set of identified or inferred criteria.

Every leader will be faced with the tension to consider him or her self to be of better quality than another leader. Learning to value other leaders for who they are, while leaving room to disagree with process, philosophy or methodology will help you to stay focused on developing into the leader God has created you to be.

2. Emotional Tension – hope vs. pessimism or cynicism
Leaders are often faced with the tension of creating a sense of hope or a sense of impending doom. Facilitating hope creates and sustains vision. Consistent pessimism or cynicism leads only to peril.

Leading from a hope-filled perspective doesn’t make a leader naïve, but instead helps the leader to process, refine and redirect vision as necessary. Leaders need to be honest about their current reality, admitting when things are darker than they had hoped, and brighter then they could have imagined. Hope may not disappoint, but pessimism and cynicism always do.

3. Intellectual Tension – being teachable vs. being arrogance
There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. This is often the difference between creating momentum or chaos. Leaders who are willing to learn from everyone and every situation will begin to develop intrinsic momentum within their organizations by valuing creativity and innovation over proper procedure and/or productivity.

4. Spiritual Tension – love or legalism
There is a leadership tension between valuing tradition over outcome. A loving leader celebrates diversity while a legalistic leader demands conformity. The values of an organization are its social conscience. Violation of values leads to a culture that is more cumbersome than hopeful, depleting the leader’s ability to inspire, manage, create or stimulate growth. Leadership is learning to balance the tension between a legalistic carnal response and loving spiritual intuitiveness.

Tension is a necessary experience for growth and development as a leader. While this is not an exhaustive list of leadership tensions, it points out the reality that tension exists and it cannot be avoided. What do you agree or disagree with? What other leadership tensions do leaders face? What tension are you facing most prominently right now?

Five Ways Generation iY Will Impact the Workplace

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Excerpt from Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders

Yesterday, I began a two-part series on how teens and twenty-somethings from Generation iY will influence the workplace in the coming years. Actually, they are already doing so. I shared three realities every leader needs to know about how they view work and careers.  Today, I’d like to list five ways Generation iY will begin to transform their jobs and workplaces. See if you’ve found any of these realities.

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An Interview with Michael Ford

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Podcast #15: An Interview with Michael Ford

Click here to listen to Michael Ford who is the Associate Dean of Campus Life at Wake Forest University. You may be surprised to learn who Mike’s parents are. Gerald Ford and Betty Ford; the former President of the United States and his wife, a leader in the women’s equality movement. Mike has been sharing his expertise at “Work Forest” as he calls it for 32 years. He has witnessed three generations of students on campus and has tremendous wisdom in developing young leaders. He has worked on the frontline with students, leading the way for student growth opportunities through various event outlets.

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Global Student Leadership Update

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GSL Team

We are so excited to share, what is for our students: Alysa, Steven, Corina, Krista, Evan, Emma, Kajsa, and Nick, their first visit to Dominican Republic for the Global Student Leadership event. Each day the GSL staff interacts with U.S. student leaders and Dominican student leaders, and are blown away by how the GSL curriculum addresses not only the students when they are in leadership training, but outside in the real world.

Recently the students and staff of GSL were lucky enough to experience the themes put into praxis on an entire new level. This experience allowed our students to see what happens when a core set of values are applied to an entire community.  Ultimately, this trip is important because it allows us to solidify the relationships we are building with our students – giving us a great opportunity to create wonderful memories.

The Global Student Leadership event is happening because of the support and effort of many who are passionate about reaching this generation of student leaders. We are grateful for the collaboration and partnership. Please join us in prayer for God’s blessing upon our GSL students and staff.

For more information on the Global Student Leadership event and other programs, contact Dale Lusk by phone at 956.458.9568 or by email at


For more pictures, visit our GSL group Facebook page.

Planet Wisdom

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Preparing a Generation for Spiritual Greatness

Our world is changing fast and students are not the same as they were even five years ago! According to the research, this entire generation is more spiritually aware and open than any generation in the last 25 years. No wonder we see Satan attacking this generation like no other.

The powerful influence and adoption of world views that do not align with God’s perspective can ultimately lead teenagers to drugs, alcoholism, immorality and worse – but even Christian kids who don’t struggle with those issues still need to be able to see life from God’s point of view.

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Graduation Gift

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Do you have a student graduating soon? Are they ready for the world that awaits them?



Help your students transition well this year with Habitudes for the Journey and Habitudes: The Art of Self Leadership. 

This Habitudes combo is the perfect gift for any student “in transition” from high school or college into unknown territory.  Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes.  The images represent timeless principles that will guide the decisions of your graduate for years to come.

This book won’t sit on a coffee table… your students will actually read it.


Habitudes for the Journey: The Art of Transitions

This is a book of images that reminds a student of the lessons we all must learn as we travel the road of life. It’s for students in transition. The principles represent how we should think and act during key junctions of our life. It’s another installment in the series of books called, Habitudes: Images That Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes.

This book is great for:

  • Freshmen students
  • Transfer students
  • Seniors preparing to graduate

The Art of Transitions cover the following topics:

  • Boundaries
  • Resilience
  • Values
  • Decision-making
  • Risk taking
  • Focus and goals…and more.

Habitudes Book #1: The Art of Self-Leadership

This book is ideal for college first-year experience programs, introductory leadership courses, and anyone who is just starting on their leadership journey.

Many schools are using this book to challenge their entire student body to become leaders and to nurture a thriving leadership culture on their campus and organization.

The Art of Self-Leadership covers the following topics:

  • Character
  • Balance
  • Time Management
  • Core Values
  • Mental Toughness
  • Discipline
  • Identity & Strengths
  • Integrity Checks
  • Commitment
  • Emotional Security
  • Personal Networks
  • Responsibility
  • Personal Growth

Target Age Range: 16-24 years old


Check out what the Covenant offers in Youth Leadership

Summer Fun

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Adventures in Leadership – June 15-22 

Do you have a high school student leader who is ready to be challenged to grow in his/her leadership abilities? Nominate 1 or 2 of your key leadership students for AIL. This amazing leadership development experience affirms the leadership potential of students and captures their imaginations on how God can use them as leaders. Because of its impact, other ECC conferences are now looking to replicate the AIL experience for their students.

If you’re interested in being an AIL leader, contact Jon Kramka. Promo and application materials are now available on our AIL page.

Global Student Leadership – June 29-July 7

Merge Ministries is providing an opportunity for US/Canadian youth to develop their leadership skills in an international cross-cultural setting. They will work in partnership with international youth who seek to develop their leadership skills. North American students will live, learn and serve alongside youth from other nations. Teaching and mentoring will be by both North American and International youth leaders. All learning will be done bilingually, in Spanish and English. North American students will live with their international counterparts, attend creative sessions on leadership together, and work together to encourage and enhance local community ministry in the international setting.

If you’re interested, contact Dale Lusk.

MUUUCE – August 15-17 

The Most Unbelievable Ultimate Urban Camping Experience for middle school/jr. high students will be at Crossroads in Woodbury, MN. Heather Flies is the speaker! More details to come.

Emerge – August 23-25  

Begin to plan now for this conference-wide high school leadership retreat. It’s a great opportunity to build your student leadership team and launch them for the school year. It’s at Lake Beauty Camp. More details to come.



Merge Ministries Taiwan – English Summer Program

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Announcing the Merge Taiwan (English Summer Program) Mission Trip June 27- July 15, 2013!

Teach conversational English in Taiwan Covenant churches for two weeks and tour Taiwan the last two days. Teams can also build friendships with Chinese students, fellow team members and church workers, experience Chinese culture and hospitality as the local church provides your housing and food, and share your faith in a variety of settings. All you need is a teachable spirit, a servant’s heart and a flexible attitude.


  • Be high school graduates or older
  • Be native English speakers, preferably with some ESL training (the focus will be English conversation, not grammar)
  • Be willing to learn and serve in another culture
  • Good physical health/ability to handle hot weather
  • Teaching or leadership experience with youth and children helpful
  • Love Jesus

For an application or more information, contact Covenant Merge Ministries at or call Dale at (956) 458-9568

Click here to read a previous Covenant News Service story on: Taiwan Experience Gives New Meaning to ‘Retirement’


Global Student Leadership DEADLINE

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There is no fooling around on April Fool’s Day! 😉

The DEADLINE for the Global Student Leadership programs in Honduras, June 8-16 and in the Dominican Republic, June 29-July 7 is April 1, 2013. The date is fast approaching, so if you know of any students, ages 15–19, who are serious about developing their leadership skills for youth group, the church, and for the kingdom of God, this trip is for them.

The youth groups in Honduras and the Dominican Republic are both very excited about spending a week with students from the USA and developing their leadership skills at the same time. Students from both countries will live together, learn leadership skills together, and create community ministries for Christ together, which will hope will continue long after the event is done. This could be the beginning of some profound annual events which may make a huge impact on youth ministry in the Covenant denomination!

The Global Student Leadership program provides an opportunity for US/Canadian youth to develop their leadership skills in an international cross-cultural setting. They will work in partnership with international youth who seek to develop their leadership skills. This is not a mission trip; students will live, learn, and serve alongside youth from other nations. Teaching and mentoring will be by both North American and international youth leaders. All learning will be done bilingually, in Spanish and English. North American students will live with their international counterparts, attend creative sessions on leadership together, and work together to encourage and enhance local community ministry in the international setting.

All meals, housing, and interpreters will be provided by Merge Ministries. The cost for each trip covers trip set-up, housing, meals, Merge staff, ground transportation, and tourist events.

Download the application or for more information please email or check out the Merge Ministries website.