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WARNING: Contents Under Pressure

1 Comment » Written on January 18th, 2013     
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Today’s post is written by Jo Anne Taylor, Music and Worship Pastor at Bethlehem Covenant Church, Minneapolis, MN.

We have barely made it through Christmas, but planning for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter is already underway. Meanwhile, there’s …

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Room to grow…

3 comments Written on August 12th, 2011     
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This Fall marks an anniversary; I’ve been involved full-time in leading worship for twenty-five years. During that period there has been a massive growth of activity, creativity and discussion and there’s never been a ‘dull’ moment. Someone, somewhere is always …

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Strength in diversity

In encouraging fellow worship leaders to sign up and start commenting on the Facebook discussion page, “Better Together”, I don’t think any of us anticipated the breadth or depth of topics that might be covered. Today there are 135 …

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Joining the Conversation

Post a Comment » Written on June 3rd, 2011     
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There’s been a lot of good discussion this past week over in the Better Together Facebook group, from technology questions (“What type font do you use for projection – worship lyrics, sermon content, etc.?”) to worship programming discussions (“What …

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Who’s in Charge?

Post a Comment » Written on October 22nd, 2008     
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In the realm of worship and music ministry in the church, we come to many crossings where it is unclear just who is in charge.

Many of us are lay leaders or part time staff members, and sometimes our authority

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Gifted to Lead 2

2 comments Written on September 10th, 2008     
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Check out part 2 of a book discussion over at Jesus Creed: The book is Gifted to Lead, by Nancy Beach. Here’s a bit from the discussion/review today:

At the same time we feel the pressure to perform

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