Worship Leader Speak

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Rich Muchow has some interesting things to say in this recent article, A Little Less Conversation: How much should a worship leader talk?

For instance:

I believe my role as a worship leader is to serve my senior pastor’s philosophy

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Who’s in Charge?

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In the realm of worship and music ministry in the church, we come to many crossings where it is unclear just who is in charge.

Many of us are lay leaders or part time staff members, and sometimes our authority

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Ruth Haley Barton just posted something for pastors and leaders. We recommend her article, titled The Discipline of Solitude: Getting away from the podium and into God’s presence.

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Worship and Congregational Vocation

1 Comment » Written on September 23rd, 2008     
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A newly posted article from the Alban Institute gets to the heart of a matter. If you believe weekend worship is linked to church growth and mission, has the power to attract or repel people and you dislike anything that …

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School, mall or prison?

5 comments Written on September 19th, 2008     
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I knew it! The unchurched do not prefer secular looking church buildings to sacred looking church buildings. In fact, according to a survey (and who can argue with a survey?) non church goers would prefer to attend church in …

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2 comments Written on September 18th, 2008     
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This article first appeared in Reality Magazine, August/September 2001. Mark Pierson

I’m anti excellence. I’m anti excellence in church life and I’m particularly anti excellence in worship. It’s not a popular opinion to express in some churches today. In fact

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4 comments Written on September 17th, 2008     
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According to this article on the Christianity Today website the Vatican
has ruled that the word “Yahweh” should no longer be used in worship in
Roman Catholic churches.  The reason for this ruling is the longstanding
Jewish practice of not …

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