Worship Leader Speak

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Rich Muchow has some interesting things to say in this recent article, A Little Less Conversation: How much should a worship leader talk?

For instance:

I believe my role as a worship leader is to serve my senior pastor’s philosophy of ministry. I trust that the Spirit of God is leading him, and through the Spirit he leads me. That means what I do on the platform should be shaped more by his philosophy of ministry than by my personality or worship style preference.


… when I lead weekend services at Saddleback, I am free to speak whenever I want for as long as I want. If I feel led to speak, I speak. But it also means my pastor has the freedom to ask me to speak less when he feels I’m going too long.

Any thoughts from this community on the topic of worship leader speak?

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As both a pastor and worship leader, just re. these two comments I’d simply say Amen! -Glenn

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