Embracing a New Life

I write this as I wait at the Kelowna Airport to fly to Vancouver and then onto Minneapolis for Gather ’18.  This is a trip of saying goodbye to friends and family – it’s only two years, but seems huge …

There IS Hope There IS Wonderful Joy

Hope – Wonderful Joy – Faith to Trust – Complete Surrender to Obedience 

It is June 8th, 2018 – This day looks VERY different from the June 8th, 2018 that we had envisioned on June 8th, 2017.   So much has

Hope and Anticipation

Hope & Anticipation 

Death, Resurrection and Life – All leading to Hope, All leading to Healing. The intensity of the Easter Season, which flowed along with a very light tax season and constantly moving forward towards missions and Argentina; sometimes


Healing in Ministry

The snow is melting and spring is getting closer!  We can only pray about this.
Sorry ski fanatics, maybe you need to join me in Argentina during their winter months of July and August.  This month has gone by so …


Ministry in Argentina

Hola Mis Amigos!

As the month of departure is approaching, the direction for my ministry is becoming clearer.  While it can still change and I will need to be flexible and wear many hats, at least I can share with …


¿Donde es el oso?

So the next biggest question I get from a lot of people… What’s up with the purple bear in your photos?

Well…. I hope some of our young friends from Norquay or Strathmore will contribute to this post at some …


Support … Support … Support

What’s the big deal about this Support that’s always being asked for?  Let me see if I can give you a clearer understanding. To support is to partner with, to encourage, to be joined and work/serve along with (even if …