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What’s the big deal about this Support that’s always being asked for?  Let me see if I can give you a clearer understanding. To support is to partner with, to encourage, to be joined and work/serve along with (even if not physically in country).

There are two ways that you can support me as a missionary.

Prayer Support is by far the most important in my mind.  You, as prayer warriors, whether you are a praying person or someone who keeps the Argentina mission and me in your thoughts and hearts, are a huge part of what strengthens me, carries me and helps me to ask the hard questions, and then sometimes even harder, to respond to the answer.  As we are nearing Easter, my prayer request is for strength, rest and peace while grieving the loss of Max and navigating this truly new life.

Financial Support is the necessary means to the mission. We are not meant to do things on our own.  My budget is in Canadian funds and will be paid from the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. Thus I will not be negatively affected by exchange rates.  The budget is for two years. So your commitment of an annual or monthly amount would be for the next two years.  This commitment can start at any time.

As you may already have noticed; you are able to support me from Canada and from the USA.  You will receive a tax receipt from the appropriate country.  Support can be made online at:   or you can mail in your support and the information for Canada and USA is listed there as well.

You can support financially with a onetime donation, a quarterly, or a monthly amount.  Please be sure to make a note if it is ongoing support.

Thank you for your willingness to support me, Argentina and the work God is doing there.  Your support also honours Max and his passion for serving and living life to the fullest.  I am constantly amazed and encouraged by your comments and memories.

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