2022 recap and 2023 Glimpse


A Brief overview of the past few months and looking into 2023.  
CIPE 2023 Argentina Presencia – what a privilege to connect with our new president of ECC and SG!  Looking forward to their visits to Argentina.

Ministry in Calama and Antofogasta Chile – planned since 2019 and finally able to complete.  God has opened more doors in both Argentina and Chile and I am grateful to be the hands and feet of Christ.  It’s encouraging how God continues to use our testimonies to teach more about His character and goodness.

After 5 years I finally got to share my life and ministry with great friends!

Baptisms at the lake, of course followed by asado.  I think I need to do a post just on the food and the ministry of compassion and being present.

Latin America SG Missionary Retreat – what an amazing family we are a part of.  Great teaching, gentle firm reminders and wonderful connections.  So blessed to have been able to go.

South District Ladies Commission – a weekend of Ladies, Youth and Mens Conference.   
Youth Group South District as they prepared to camp.

A few of the cooks from the Men’s Group

2023 – I am so excited for what this year will bring.  Jacobacci will receive a Merge group at the end of March and I am grateful at the opportunity to work alongside and support this work.  God is transforming ministry here and I continue to be open and flexible.  I am working on a curriculum for English classes – while supporting those who teach English here.  Bible studies, Ladies and Youth Groups, Covenant Identity amongst others are asome of the ministries that continue to grow.  Argentina is working with CIPE and CHET for seminary courses as well as Missionary programs.

The economy here is ever changing.  We operate not just on Argentine pesos, but on the blue dolar.  The government only allows us to buy a small amount of USD each month; so what was an exchange of 50ars = 1us is now around 380ars=1usd.  A flat of eggs was 220ars a year ago and now 1000ars.

I am excited to report that I finally am connected to natural gas so no more changing propane tanks!  The Gustafsons got to experience the culture of ‘waiting’ and the joy of this goal reached!  And I have my own internet at my home!!!! The challenges remain power and water outages but that’s just life here.

Thank you all for your continued support financially, prayerfully and communicating.  It’s been so uplifting some the spur of the moment chats, and video calls with various.  Sharing about life, ministry, the house, and hearing about your lives.  Thank you for taking the time.

Please continue to pray for Argentina.  For the economy, the unity of the Churches, ministry here and my role in it.  That I may always be a blessing to those I serve.

I am looking for help in learning to use the phone apps of MailChimp and WordPress, as well as help in updating and rewriting some of the blog and profile pages.

More to come in the next few weeks!  Blessings to you all!

A Few Reminders ……

Note Updated Mailing Address:

Address:  Avenida Cerro de la Ventana 9015, San Carlos de Bariloche, 8400 Rio Negro, Argentina

Telephone/Whatsapp – +5492944314950

* WhatsApp allows us to communicate by text, phone video calls.. and best of all it’s free*
* Signal and Teams are also good ways to connect.




PO Box 773420

Chicago, IL. 60677-3420

Thank you all again for your continued support!  You can continue, or begin, to support in various ways.

CANADA – Giving options remain the same.

Through the ECCC office –

PO Box 2247

Strathmore, AB

T1P 1K2

Etransfer to donate@covchurch.ca

– write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online – https://www.covchurch.ca/nahnychuk

-Note “Global-Argentina” in fund and/or memo

Partner – Ways to partner with me in Ministry in Argentina.  Maybe you can’t travel, but you can support financially.  Or perhaps you can’t support financially but you can be praying and connecting.  All of this partnership uplifts, encourages and sustains me in missions.

Prayer – There is no word to express the immensity of this support.  To have people praying for us missionaries; to receive a WhatsApp text or email, a word of encouragement or even sharing about your life and your family – keeps us connected and uplifts us in ways you don’t realize.  We are called to never cease praying for one another.  And prayer goes both ways; so please don’t hesitate to send me a prayer or praise request!

Financially – Please prayerfully consider a monthly, annual or one time contribution to support the work of God’s kingdom here in Argentina. This allows me to continue doing ministry work and supporting projects in various areas.  As we come into the end of the year, perhaps it is just a tax deduction you need; but in the end, the resources of finances multiply in benefits and resources for all.

Connect – I would like to say COME, but I know how challenging that may be in this current world we live in.  Please consider coming to Argentina and spending some time to learn about ministry here, life here, the culture here, the food and the community of family.  When you visit a missionary it speaks volumes of support.  Merge has new ways to connect your churches with local churches here and it would be a blessing to have you ‘visit’ in that way as well.  Connect by WhatsApp (this is free texting, video calls, calls etc here), Zoom or email.  It is so encouraging to receive a message, a photo or a call.  I feel connected and definitely not alone when I receive a notice about your kids in 4H, or exciting news about your church, or anything really.

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