April – So Very different


In prior years, March and April were always insanely busy times.  I always enjoyed, and still do; being able to help navigate the tax complexities and take away some anxiety. When Max wasn’t away working, he ran errands and helped me in any way possible.  I will aways remember in the middle of tax season (well, really, anytime of the year) random flowers and lattes on my desk and in the house, healthy meals made, the day trip for sushi (sushi was an 8 hr drive each way!), his joyful pleads to insure the bikes early.   It is interesting to reflect on the various careers and businesses we had over the years, and where we landed.  Missions, missionaries.  Never say never.  I think God just laughs when we do.

April started with a wonderful visit from my Regional Coordinators, Eugenio and Pia Restrepo.  It was such a blessing to be able to share Argentina, my churches and my family here with them.  They shared their hearts and taught us about missions, serving and the Covenant.  We walked a lot and they saw a lot of Bariloche in their short time here.  We even managed an evening of Asado.  Thank you Pia and Eugenio for coming and learning about life here.  Thank you for the opportunity to deepen our friendship.
We celebrated the third anniversary of Rio Chico.  This was a time of worship, sharing stories and connecting even more with others in the other churches here in the south.  And of course there was asado.  Lamb, bread, cake, torta fritas, lamb, pop, hot chocolate.  And not one single vegetable.  I see an agricultural outreach in the future.  Who would like to participate in this?  There were floods of memories, and floods of laughter amidst some tears.  I am so grateful for the times Max and I had together here.  I know the Ford/Chevy jokes would have been running high.  We carpooled between Pastora Norma’s car, a bus and Adolfo’s ford pick up truck for 29 of us from Betel to celebrate.  The drive back to Bariloche was full of laughter, joking around and I got to do the driving.

 We also had our District South Asemblea and elected the commissions for the South.  Pastor Hector and I taught on BLESS and I was privileged to work alongside Claudia and we made the salads and veggies for the meals.  I had the wonderful opportunity to host Pastor Ivan and Sandra and Beto and Claudia and girls in my apartment for this event.  That meant that I ‘moved home’ to my old room with Norma and Hector.  I continue to be thankful for my family here that knows me and picks me up when I need help.
We celebrated the death and resurrection of Christ.  We shared Christ’s love with the kids in our neighbourhood.  The mission group went out taking greetings and blessings to neighbouring businesses and families.

In April we also had a Healthy Cooking class and shared healthy meals several times.  It has been great to share about zucchini pasta, cauliflower pizza, ways to cook different vegetables – not just potatoes and onions.  Fennel and red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli.  I laugh at our family meals in the quincha (garage) where the veggies are all eaten and the potatoes are leftover.

The days are full as I continue to study Spanish, grow deeper in my biblical knowledge, and prepare for upcoming classes and groups and participate in nightly meetings, services, studies.  May will see the start to some English classes, Immerse in Spanish, as well as figuring out a schedule and how to best serve the other churches, in addition to my home church.  I know I am ‘Betel’s’ but they have to share me with the others.

As I write this update, I just received an update from Pastor Ivan for my residency.  IPEA is working on one more bit of paperwork but God willing, I should have everything before I need to travel to Chile in July with the youth.  Please continue to pray for the speediness of this process.

I am excited and encouraged by what is happening here in Argentina.  There are so many ministry opportunities here and more and more doors keep opening. I pray that you are seeing that God is alive and moving here in Argentina. I pray for partnerships to develop, for relationships to grow – across continents.  I continue to pray that you will come – serve alongside myself and my family here.  We need you.  We want you to experience and be a part of our life.  What’s stopping you?

Don’t forget to note the new contact info:

Mailing address for the ECCC has changed:
PO Box 2247, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1K2

Mailing address here in Argentina:
Cacique Purran No 4019, Barrio El Frutillar
(8400) San Carlos de Bariloche
Provincia de Rio Negro, Republica Argentina

WhatsApp:  +5492944314950

Prayer and Praise

I will forever be thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you.  For your prayers, your support, your friendship and your presence in my life.

Praise and gratefulness for the ECCC and the ECC – it is exciting, wonderful and I am humbled to be a part of this family – to be a Canadian Covenant Missionary! I am proud to be an ambassador for Christ with the Covenant!  I am thankful for God’s timing and working in all the details of my life.

Prayer requests include:  the residency process, continued expansion and fluidity of the language.

Prayer for 2019 and the continued ministry here and a clearer view of my role in it. Prayers as I move deeper into ministry – and deeper into this new life without Max.

Prayers for Argentina as they face economic issues, and for the churches as they respond

Continued prayers for BET EL as we find a new location and pray for God’s direction in this transition. Prayers as they develop their vision

Continued prayers for the congregations – of those remaining with the Covenant and those following the other pastor.

Praise and rejoicing for the family and friends that I have here

Prayers for Merge teams, individuals, couples and family that are looking to come to Argentina

Praise for the funding that has been generously provided

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