Healing in Ministry

The snow is melting and spring is getting closer!  We can only pray about this.
Sorry ski fanatics, maybe you need to join me in Argentina during their winter months of July and August.  This month has gone by so quickly.  It has been a time of processing since Midwinter, and really seeing what a time of healing that was for me.  How my strength and resiliency is being built up.  Thank you everyone for your conversations and prayers.

Is it bad when you’re driving across the border and the border guards recognize you?  I’m getting the hang of this travel thing.  I was back in Chicago (yes, again) last week to attend a Congregational Vitality course at North Park University.  A fantastic time with great classmates and enjoying those balcony conversations.  I also had an opportunity to meet with Eugenio and Pia Restrepo, my Regional Co-Ordinators and learned so much more about what my ministry in Argentina will be.  I  look forward to sharing with you and your churches about these details!  If you’d like to know more sooner, please contact me!

This has also been a month of starting to repack the stuff in storage, moving homes and looking towards what’s next.  I’ll be speaking at the Junction Church, Nelson, Balfour and Erikson over this next month.  Then it’s off to the AGM in Winnipeg and who knows where from there?  Possibly a road trip to reconnect with anyone who would like a visit from the Canadian Covenant Missionary?

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.  I cannot express this enough to each and every one of you.  My friends, my family, those of you I don’t even know who are praying, Thank you.

I’ll continue to put mini updates and posts on the blog.  I hope they have been helpful.


As we near Easter; the weight, the intensity of this season lays heavy on my heart.  We celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus. He brings hope, he brings joy, he brings peace and redemption – for ALL.  But what this hope, joy, peace, and redemption looks like – is not always what we want it to look like.  I have already been on my knees with mistakes I’ve made in life and yet the Father still loves me; still calls me to serve Him.  The sacrifice that Jesus gave, I cannot truly begin to fully comprehend it. I feel this weight of the immensity of what has been done, for me, for you, for all of us, and it really causes me to take inventory of my life.  My life now and moving forward.  What am I doing with this life I have been given?  Add to this weight, the weight of grief.  And trying to take inventory of a new life that I am really still wrapping my head around.  I am learning to be thankful IN all things; I can’t honestly say I am thankful FOR all things.  But Yes, I am thankful, I am grateful for how I have been cared for; for the life I do still have, for Christ who is working amazing things in my life, and the lives of others, I am grateful for the feeling of hope and even excitement about missions and Argentina.  I am thankful for the healing that has begun. I am not thankful for the source, the reason for some of this.
A quote that put this into a bit of perspective for me, from Elisabeth Elliott is; ‘It is even possible to be thankful for the valley of the shadow.  Not because we like it or we find anything to enjoy in that fearsome ravine, but because we have been told ahead of time that it is not the end of the journey.’ and Sarah Young in her book Jesus Calling challenges me that while I am ‘in the valley, or in my eyes, a less than perfect place, it is an opportunity to be thankful to trust Jesus even more.’  And there’s that trust word again.

I’m still learning.  Faith…..Trust….Surrender…..Obedience….


Prayer and Praise

Praise and thanksgiving for the community of friends and family who continue to surround me and support me and be the hands and feet of Christ.

Praise for the current financial support that has already come in. This is a two year commitment and I thank you all for your partnerships.  My goal is to be 100% funding before going to Argentina and I am already over 80%.

Prayer for strength and rest, discernment and guidance, for this grieving process

Prayer for the next steps – speaking at churches, reconnecting with others, continued language study, final fundraising

IPEA – Iglesia del Pacto Evangelical Argentina -as they move through the Vitality Pathway, and prepare for my return

Support Options

I’d love to connect with you all.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything – Visiting your church, Missions, Argentina, ServeGlobally, Prayer Support, Financial Support


From Canada:

Mail your donation:
Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
PO Box 23117
RPO McGillivray, Winnippeg, MB
R3T 5S3

write “Global-Argentina” in memo

Online: covchurch.ca/giving
– select Global Argentina

Online at … covchurch.ca/nahnychuk

From USA
Evangelical Covenant Church
8303 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL   60631

write “Colleen Nahnychuk Support” in memo

Online: covchurch.org/mission/cnahnychuk

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