Retiring Pastors

Something new at this year’s Pastors Conference was a celebration of the retirement of two pastors. Here is a snapshot of who they are:

Pastor NAKWAFIO, age 68, service 44 years since 1967
Comment to the assembly: “Praise God for what I was able to do by His grace”


Pastor NGOGBE, age 72, served 43 years since 1968
Comment to the assembly: “Romans 8:35- always helps me. God called us and is with us and will be with us. Stay strong and persevere in Jesus. I am full of joy today and will be until I die.”


Gifts to Retiring Pastors

This was the first time that the CEUM officially retired pastors. In the past, pastors would stay serving their parish until they were no long able to, at times not very capably (according to what others recounted to us). We heard several pastors comment that this moment was significant because it signaled to the pastorate that there comes a time when one must step down and retire. This was a graceful, wonderful way to do that.

Each man was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the CEUM. Then those attending were invited to come forward with gifts for these men. Each of the 40 church regions had been asked to prepare some kind of gift. As you can see in the photos there were many kinds of gifts including: a mattress, a large cooking pot, a suitcase, clothes, money and many other items. The superintendent of the region where the pastors retired were charged with continuing to care for these retired pastors.

At the close, former President Duale prayed for the pastors. It was a very moving time that brought tears to some eyes.

Prayer for Pastors

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  1. Thontwa says:

    It will be nice to see after few months if churches will going to continue to support them. Be sure that in Congo church has lot of challenges as you can know about our ”culture”. But, we like this initiative from our church. We shall train believers to help the retirings servants of God. Rev.Thontwa

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