Gift of Cloth

Sabuli Sanguma receiving Cloth

Every woman attending the Pastors’ Conference this week, some 470 women, received a gift of a piece of cloth from the President of Congo. Yes, that’s correct – the President of Congo. The CEUM invited His Excellence Arthur Sedea, the Vice-Minister of Education, to come to the conference and make a presentation entitled “The Five Paths of the Head of State and their Impact on the Church.”

Bags of Cloth

In preparation to come, President Kabila said that the Vice-Minister should bring the CEUM a gift. He received advice that a gift of cloth for the women would be much appreciated. After his presentation Tuesday, he had 5 big bags of cloth brought in, 400 pieces! The women cheered and yelled. After the afternoon session, they distributed the cloth to each of the women. Additional cloth has since come to give to those who did not receive it the first time.

Prayer for Cloth

In addition President Kabila gave a gift of money to help those who had come by motorcycle and truck. The CEUM decided to expand who benefits from the gift and all those men who came, whether by motorcycle, bicycle, foot or truck, will receive something.

At the end of the session former President Luyada prayed for His Excellence who automatically went to his knees as he was prayed for. It was a moving moment.

Praying for His Excellence Sedea Zabusu

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  1. Bethany E says:

    Wow! That is really neat!

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