Bikes in Congo

Bikes parked together

It was fascinating to see all the bicycles parked right around the meeting shelter the first day of the Pastors Conference. Notice the way some of their loads are tied on. They are using strips of inner tube to tie things = homemade bungie cord. I would have liked to get shots of pastors riding into town on their bikes, but those weren’t so practical to get. Sometimes there were two people on a bike!

Then when I look at how they packed I am amazed to see how clean and well-dressed people are able to be throughout the conference after riding on a bike for days and not having many clothes in the bags strapped on the bike.

Bikes of Burden

A bike repairman who attends the Gbado-Lite church offered to repair every bicycle that needed repair free of charge. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him and his shop to learn more of his story. It was a generous offer – a real act of love – that was much needed and appreciated.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading all the highlights from the Pastor’s Conference. Thanks for keeping your eyes open to interesting stories, taking the time to take pictures, and sharing them with us.

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