Congo missionary team together for first time

l to r: Pastor Mbewa, David and Debbie Williams, Marta Klein, Sheryl Noren, Pres Jules Mboka, Paul Noren, VP Jacques Vungbo, Tim Smith, Cindy Ekstrand, Helen Smith, Pete Ekstrand, Christine Buettgen

In early May our entire resident Congo missionary team was together for the first time ever.  With Christine Buettgen’s arrival on April 24 and Paul & Sheryl Noren’s return from their ministries in the Central African Republic on April 30 we were finally all in Congo for a few days.  Our meeting in Gemena May 2-3 was the first time for some of the team to meet each other.  Besides the business we needed to attend to before we took time to listen, share and pray.

The highlight of the second day was a meeting with the new CEUM President Rev. Jules Mboka, the Vice-President Rev. Jacques Vungbo and the Chief of Staff (Director of the Cabinet) Pastor Etienne Mbewa.  During this time President Mboka shared their vision and strategies for their terms of office leading the CEUM.  Following this they also presented us with the job descriptions they would like for missionaries working in partnership with them.  It was a very encouraging time together as through listening we learned much and came to know each other better.

We were blessed to be with our entire team for those few short days and we miss them.  We are back in the US for 7 weeks which includes 3 big family events:  a graduation, grandchild’s birth and wedding.  While here we will also speak at Community Covenant, Kearney, MO, Pomeroy Covenant, visit Hillcrest Covenant and Mason City Covenant and have other visits with our mission leadership

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  1. Gary Gaddini says:

    Great Picture Pete! I hear congratulations are in order Grandpa! That is so cool! Thinking of / praying for you and Cindy and all your stateside activities. God bless you bro!

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