Prayer & Praise Update July 2009

Praise God that all 3 Zieglettes (and Talita) passed their respective grades, finishing the school year strong.
Praise God for a great year with Talita, and that she arrived safely back to her home in Brazil.
Praise God for a great Covenant Annual Meeting: safe travels for Ron and Janet, good meetings, etc.
Praise God that Michelle had a good week at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp – Sr. Hi camp.
Praise God that Ben & Nathan had a good and safe time with friends while we were at annual meeting.

Pray with us that God would continue to increase our support team. 
Pray for strength in the challenges of living apart while Ron continues to work in IL and comes home to us in MI on weekends.
Pray for a good Missionary Connection Week (MCW) for Ron & Janet in Chicago where we’ll meet with other Covenant missionaries and leaders for training, worship, refreshment, and encouragement.
Pray that we’re able to find child care for all 3 kids in MI while Ron & Janet are in Chicago for MCW.

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