Addition to the Generator House

At RFIS we have a backup generator to use when city power goes out… which can be quite often and at inopportune times! And recently the generator has acted up on occasion. Last year while we were in the US on home assignment the radiator on it blew, and had to be repaired. So school administrators (of which Ron is one) have decided we need to be thinking about getting a 2nd generator as a backup to the backup generator!

But if we add another generator, we needed to add space in the generator house for one. That was Ron’s January / February project.

Against the perimiter wall, the original generator house is to the left. At the right, ground is prepared and bricks laid.
New roof to replace the old and cover the new part of the generator house
Concrete truck delivered “roofing” that was poured one wheelbarrel at a time

Roof completed and drying

Now when the school has enough money we can buy a backup to the backup generator!

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