Christmas 2019

This Christmas we have had the great pleasure of having dear friends Paul & Sheryl Noren with us. They’re like family, which is great for our first Christmas with none of our own family.

Christmas eve smorgasbord dinner with rice pudding, Swedish meatballs, cardamom bread, ham and cheese.


Food preparations in Africa calls for interesting procedures and substitutions. Not so much a substitute, we did buy a ice chicken in the supermarket. It came with the usual insides… plus a delicacy here, the feet! Unfortunately, none of us apreciate them as we should 🙂

Paul & Sheryl’s traditional Swedish potato sausage tastes great — finding a casing for the sausage is more challenging in Africa. So they bought “baton de manioc” or Kwanga as we call it in Lingala for the leaves it’s wrapped in. Then Paul wrapped the sausage in the leaves for cooking.

Wrapped potato sausage left, baton de manioc to the right

Christmas day we got together with missionary friends. The food was plentiful and tastey. The company was sweet.

Roasated chicken, green bean casserole, cheezy potatoes, salads and breads for Christmas dinner.
Food and fellowship with friends
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