Busy Day in Construction — Part 2

Friday the 19th January was a very busy day for Ron and the guys working on the gym construction project. The big crane came for the last time.

Side trusses lined up and ready to attach

Smaller and lighter, these went up much faster than the central trusses.

The first one always takes longest, figuring out how to do it best

Ron supervised the first 2 or 3 before he had to rush off on the motorcycle to his class down at the garage.

Fit tab A into slot A, attach with bolts in all 5 holes
In a little over an hour the first side was done — all 7
Side trusses for the 2nd side were all lined up and waiting for the crane to get into position
Attaching the side truss to the beam they’d just put the last central truss on earlier in the day
And the 14th and last side truss was bolted in place
These 2 guys got pretty good at this by the 14th time, and pretty tired too.

At the end of the day it’s clear that this gym is going to be huge!
Thank the Lord for so much progress and for keeping all the construction workers safe so far.


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