Support for the Retaining Wall

Retaining wall along the soccer field

Retaining wall is falling down, falling down, falling down.
Retaining wall is falling down, oh my goodness!

Straight on it looks fine
But from the side it’s clear that it is falling down!

But what’s the worst that could happen if it falls over? Well, look what’s in the area it’s holding up…

Water towers (red one gives neighbors access to clean water), trees and an antenna.

Guy-wires are anchored near the falling wall

So Ron’s got a plan to support it by building seating for soccer fans that will support the retaining wall while fans support the teams!

Holes have been dug and rebar “skeleton” for support is ready to shore up the retaining wall

The masons will be taking a little break from gym construction, while trusses are being welded together, to work on this retaining wall. Stay tuned for more updates on the retaining wall support project.

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