Stairway to Fitness

Frame for the stairs is prepared and ready for concret

Since the upper floor was poured in July, the only way up was by ladder (on the right in the photo above). On October 26 that all changed. Lower stairs were filled in by shovels.

Concrete by the bucketful

The top steps were filled in by passing buckets of cement up — concrete bucket brigade!

Upper stairs filled in with concrete

Voila — stairway complete. Of course, we had to cover it with plastic sheeting to protect it from being ruined by the rain that fell all night long!

Finished, wooden frame removed, and steps smoothed out

With the stairs in, it was safe to complete the walls upstairs, no longer needing to climb a ladder for access to the upper floor.

Upper walls complete with finished stairs to access upper level

Let’s go see how it looks from the top of the stairs…

Looking down the stairway. Window above will give natural light

If you turn right at the top of the stairs, you enter Mr. Cone’s Athletic Director office.

Office of the Athletic Director

If you turn left at the top of the stairs, you’ll find the future site of the Fitness Room.

Future Fitness Room

Now all it needs is a roof, ceiling, plastered walls, electricity, plumbing… ok, there’s a lot more to do, but this has been a huge bit of progress!

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