Stormy Weather

February is still dry season… usually. This year we’re gtting rainy season amounts of rain! And one day the storm blew through with winds that reminded some of us of tornadoes!

When it all ended the damage was significant!

This …

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Marathon Men

A few of the Running Club members took up the challenge to participate in a marathon during the mid-semester break!As it was the first ever Douala marathon sponsored by City Sport store and Asics (sports equipment and footwear company), there …

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Women’s Day 2017

We love to celebrate International Women’s Day in Cameroon!

Each year around the beginning of February the Women’s Day cloth of the year appears in the shops around town in 2 different colors.

This year the choices were pink and …

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Trees vs Power


Rain Forest International School is built in the rain forest.  The beauty of it is having so many trees around.  The difficulty is also having so many trees.  As the city spreads and we see the forest disappear, replaced by …

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