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Conversing on Culture in Worship

6 comments Written on September 17th, 2011     
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Today’s post is written by Jo Anne Taylor, Director of Music and Worship at Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN.

I have a friend whose e-mail signature includes Revelation 7:9-10:

“After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that …

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sundry things…

It’s been a busy week over on the Better Together Facebook page for lead worshippers and those who think about worship in the Covenant. Many things were discussed; I used the word ‘sundry’ above, but now realize that can mean …

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More on The Turn

7 comments Written on September 25th, 2008     
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This morning, Scot McKnight suggests we respond to the liturgical turn among low church evangelicals, and he offers some particulars in his third post on this topic

Scot thinks, as do I, that this trend is not an invitation …

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