Our Churches: Bethany Covenant Church – Mount Vernon, Washington

We continue our series of posts here on the Worship Connect blog profiling individual Covenant churches. Our purpose is to celebrate God’s work in and through us, to demonstrate the diversity of approaches to worship in the ECC, and to

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The Worship Choir

3 comments Written on August 5th, 2011     
Filed under: Architecture, Choral, Leadership, Local Church, Music, Style of Worship

Guest post by Jessica Perez, Worship Arts Director at Crossroads Church in Loveland, CO.

Crossroads Church is relatively young. We started in January of 1996, and I came on staff in July of 2001. We were in need of a …

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sundry things…

It’s been a busy week over on the Better Together Facebook page for lead worshippers and those who think about worship in the Covenant. Many things were discussed; I used the word ‘sundry’ above, but now realize that can mean …

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