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Silence; golden, but not useful.

Post a Comment » Written on September 14th, 2012     
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Today’s post is written by Geoff Twigg, Adjunct Professor at North Park University in Chicago. Geoff is a pastor, singer/songwriter, worship leader and ministry consultant, and serves the ECC as a member of the denomination’s Commission on Worship.

Last week, …

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Make a Joyful … What?

3 comments Written on November 18th, 2011     
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Today’s post is written by Jo Anne Taylor, Director of Music and Worship at Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN.

It doesn’t take much to get a bunch of musicians arguing about decibel levels. Just post a picture of some …

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sundry things…

It’s been a busy week over on the Better Together Facebook page for lead worshippers and those who think about worship in the Covenant. Many things were discussed; I used the word ‘sundry’ above, but now realize that can mean …

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Strength in diversity

In encouraging fellow worship leaders to sign up and start commenting on the Facebook discussion page, “Better Together”, I don’t think any of us anticipated the breadth or depth of topics that might be covered. Today there are 135 …

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Joining the Conversation

Post a Comment » Written on June 3rd, 2011     
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There’s been a lot of good discussion this past week over in the Better Together Facebook group, from technology questions (“What type font do you use for projection – worship lyrics, sermon content, etc.?”) to worship programming discussions (“What …

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Beethoven Sonata Provides Solace in Midst of Sorrow

Post a Comment » Written on November 20th, 2008     
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MONTECITO, CA (November 19, 2008) – Chris Call, the chair of Montecito Covenant Church, was the vice president of Westmont College who formulated the emergency response plan that helped keep 600 students safe as a devastating wildfire claimed 15 …

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Rollo Dilworth and other bright lights at Connection 09 Event

Post a Comment » Written on October 24th, 2008     
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We hope you heard: The ECC is offering a pre-Midwinter Connection event for church leaders who serve in the areas of worship, youth ministry and ministries of compassion/mercy/justice (CMJ). All the participants will gather together for 4 general sessions with …

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