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sundry things…

It’s been a busy week over on the Better Together Facebook page for lead worshippers and those who think about worship in the Covenant. Many things were discussed; I used the word ‘sundry’ above, but now realize that can mean …

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Strength in diversity

In encouraging fellow worship leaders to sign up and start commenting on the Facebook discussion page, “Better Together”, I don’t think any of us anticipated the breadth or depth of topics that might be covered. Today there are 135 …

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Joining the Conversation

Post a Comment » Written on June 3rd, 2011     
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There’s been a lot of good discussion this past week over in the Better Together Facebook group, from technology questions (“What type font do you use for projection – worship lyrics, sermon content, etc.?”) to worship programming discussions (“What …

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More on The Turn

7 comments Written on September 25th, 2008     
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This morning, Scot McKnight suggests we respond to the liturgical turn among low church evangelicals, and he offers some particulars in his third post on this topic

Scot thinks, as do I, that this trend is not an invitation …

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Liturgical Turn?

6 comments Written on September 22nd, 2008     
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Are churches becoming more liturgical? Check out these reports.

Today, Scot McKnight is talking about college students converting from evangelicalism to other traditions. He asks:

What is going on? There is a rise, a burgeoning rise, of young college

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4 comments Written on September 17th, 2008     
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According to this article on the Christianity Today website the Vatican
has ruled that the word “Yahweh” should no longer be used in worship in
Roman Catholic churches.  The reason for this ruling is the longstanding
Jewish practice of not …

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Deeper? or Different

4 comments Written on August 20th, 2008     
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Sometimes people are critical of preachers, songwriters, worship leaders and certain churches for trying to be relevant and missing the deeper relevance of tested, published, traditional, enduring liturgy. You might want to read this CT article .

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