Let Him Hasten or Delay…

Visa applications might be the most stressful thing about a missionary’s life. This time around for us what we thought would be a simple renewal turned into a two month ordeal of taxi trips, waiting hours in line at various offices, meetings with jefes, more waiting in lines, copies, documents, more documents, oh no, you need another document… in the end we have tried to apply for three different visas! Finally, today, our visa application was accepted. Living in the stress of not knowing if you are going to have to leave your home in mere days takes it’s toll, and we are finding trusting the LORD to be everything. Without Him, we’d be wrecked. With Him, somehow there is an odd peace amidst the storm.

This quote from Martin Luther says it perfectly, it expresses the pain experienced within the overarching fact that we are trusting God.

“Let Him hasten or delay, we will fear nothing”quote

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