How many hours does it take to get a VISA?

1 month ahead of time, travel 25 minutes to VISA office and get list of required paperwork.

Return next day, 1.5 hour wait to get a turn.

1 hour wait for your turn to be called. Submit paperwork.

4 days later receive letter saying you are missing more documents.

Spend next 3 weeks searching for said documentation only to find out it doesn’t exist, and won’t for months:

Call lawyer, talk half an hour to see if he knows about the documentation, he doesn’t.

Call office secretary to see if she knows anything about documentation, no go.

More trips and phone calls to get necessary paperwork for new type of visa.

1.5 hour wait to get a turn.

1 hour wait to be called, only to find out you are applying at the wrong office.

Wait in line another 1.5 at new office only to be told your application is rejected because original visa expired (waiting on that original paperwork). Turns out you need a visa to apply for a visa.

Wait 1 hour to have a meeting with a jefe who can help

45 min meeting with him wherein he talks with a different jefe to figure out options

30 min drive to lawyer’s to double check on things.

15 min with lawyer.

1.5 hour wait to get a turn back at original office.

1.5 hour wait to be called, only to be told you are missing one more document

1 hour processing new document

15 min wait for another turn.

15 min processing, picture taking, inner rejoicing: They ACCEPTED the VISA application!!

1 week wait to see if said visa is accepted.

(We are in that week of waiting right now)

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