Ministry on the Beach

Sometimes ministry takes place in an office, and it’s kind of boring.

Sometimes ministry takes place in the mountains and it’s chilly.

But sometimes ministry takes place at the beach, and it’s spectacular.


Josh was asked by a friend …

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Last week we had the privilege of hosting Pia and Eugenio Restrepo who are our Regional Coordinators of Latin America and the Carribean (long way to say: bosses). They stayed with us for 5 nights and we enjoyed debriefing some …

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Santiago Partnership

Today we took a quick trip up to Cayambe, a little over an hour away, to visit our fellow missionaries’ project, “The Santiago Partnership”. Joel and Kim Delp are working in partnership with local believers to develop a care center …

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The Godfather

Sandra and Diego, a couple from Colombia that attends our local church asked us to become “padrinos” to their 6 month old baby David Alexander. Not knowing what all that would mean culturally we sat down with them and they

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